Tunisian Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Tunisian green olives are delicately harvested by hand and are the first unripe fruit of the year.
These olives are naturally rich in flavor and have a spicy taste which has sparked interest from numerous olive oil connoisseurs.

La Megara uses only the highest quality Olive Oil from Tunisia, which has become the second largest producer in the world.

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Tunisian Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Health Information

Research shows Olive Oil has unrivaled health benefits. In addition, Olive Oil has become a staple of the Mediterranean diet.

• No chemical additives • Vegan Certified
• FDA Approved
• Gluten Free

• Kosher Certified

• Non-GMO


Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Origin : Tunisia

Storage and Shelf Life

Keep at room temperature away from light & humidity. Shelf life: Up to 24 months.

The Packaging

US Gallon Tin

• The BPA free tin protects the flavor of Olive Oil, and its nutitional benefits.
• The design is inspired by Tunisian hand-painted ceramics.

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