Hot Grilled Bell Pepper Spread


Our Grilled Bell Peppers Spread is an essential dish in any Tunisian kitchen. It is a mixture of peppers, tomatoes and garlic seasoned with spices and olive oil. This kind of salad is generally consumed during the summer since it plays the role of a refreshing dish and is easy to digest.

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Additional Benefits of Hot Grilled Bell Pepper Spread

Thanks to its benefits and vitamins, Grilled Bell Peppers is considred to be a healthy delicacy with an amazing taste of spice .

• Non-GMO
• No chemical additives • Vegan Certified
• FDA Approved
• Gluten Free


Hot Peppers, Sunflower Oil, Tomatoes, Olive Oil, Sea Salt, Garlic, Coriander, Caraway

Origin : Tunisia

Storage and Shelf Life

Store at room temperature away from heat.
After opening, store between 32 ° F and 39.2 ° F Use within 7 days after opening the Jar.

Shelf life: 24 months

The Packaging

Glass Jar 12.4 oz 350 g

• Our design is widely inspired by Tunisian ceramics and tiles.
• The color green is often very used in Tunisian ceramics. • The glass bottle preserves the taste of our Hot Grilled Bell Pepper Spread

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