Whole Wheat Durum Couscous


A Unique Mediterranean Toasted Grain

•Whole Durum Wheat Couscous has a robust artisan color that varies from yellow to light brown.
• The couscous is composed of small granules of semolina flour.

• Couscous is widely used in North African cuisine and may serve as a replacement for pasta, rice or as a side dish.

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Additional Benefits of  Whole Durum  Couscous

Whole Durum Wheat Couscous has high amounts of antioxidants.

• No chemical additives • Vegan Certified
• FDA Approved
• Kosher Certified

• Non-GMO


Whole Durum Wheat Semolina

Contains Wheat

Origin : Tunisia

Storage and Shelf Life

Store in cool dry place Keep airtight after opening. Shelf life: 18 months

The Label

• The label is a full disclosure label. It’s an artisan yet provincial label, and makes a subtle nod to the origins of our products.

The Packaging

Plastic Bag 17.6 oz

• The design of the packaging of our couscous is inspired by Tunisian tiles
• The packaging used is very resistant, waterproof and
preserves the quality of our couscous.

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