Olive wood 

Olive wood is highly appreciated due to its veins that give an aesthetic specificity to some kitchen utensils.

Also, olive wood is very resistant, and the older the olive tree, the richer is its texture. For this specific reason, olive wood accessories are in high demand all over the world.

In Tunisia, olive wood utensils are made in small workshops by artisans. La Megara olive wood utensils are perfect for any kitchen use.

Totally made from a natural block of olive wood, these utensils are smooth and nonporous. Olive wood doesn’t retain any odor, and can be easily cleaned. Their unique design allows each peace to be at the same time useful and decorative.

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  • La Megara Olive wood cutting boards are suitable for cutting bread, cheese, chopping vegetables and carving meat. Made from a natural block of olive wood, these boards are smooth and nonporous. This wood does not retain any odors, germs or stains.

  • Olive Wood bowls are true pieces of art. Each bowl is hand carved from a single piece of olive wood, giving it a smooth, seamless finish. Our large bowls are our most exquisite pieces as they are carved from hard to find large olive wood branches.

  • Olive wood kitchen tools have an extreme importance in any home. Olive wood kitchen Cutlery can be used every day as well as for special occasions as they are highly durable and exceptionally strong. Other than using your kitchen cutlery in your home, there are a variety of others ways to share the beautiful olive wood. These wonderful olive wood products...

  • Like any of our La Megara olive wood piece of art, these beauties are made by hand, olive wood mortars & pestles are ideal for crushing herbs and spices. The olive wood is an extremely hard surface that can sustain the force of grinding and mashing.

  • La Megara olive wood plates are practical and useful for your home. Their unique design allows each piece to be both functional and decorative. We offer a range of products including rolling pins, salt cellars, bottle holders and more.

  • Olive wood covered sugar bowl with spoon 4'' / 3'' Olive wood salt & pepper bowls with spoons Olive wood 6 coasters with holder 4'' Olive wood 6 coasters with natural form holder   4'' Olive wood wine bottle balance  9'' Olive wood napkin rings (set of 4 )

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items