Fouta towels 

The Tunisian fouta has always been part of Tunisian’s culture. It was used by Tunisian women to go to the Turkish bath houses known as hammams.

The fouta was made by Tunisian women who took the time to realize each piece by hand, and this could take more than 2 or 3 days, depending on the model and the size. Until today, the Tunisian fouta is widely used, and in many ways. It has even become an essential accessory, especially for young people.

During summer, many people use foutas as a bath towel at the pool or the beach. It can also be used as a protection for mattresses, a tablecloth or it can simply be thrown over a chair or a sofa as a decoration.

Also, the fouta is very thin and light as it is made from lightweight cotton. La Megara’s foutas are 100% made of finest quality of cotton, and are easily customizable. In fact, you can choose the size, the color, the patterns, etc. These foutas can be founded in more than 500 stores in the US.