For centuries, dates have been the main source of nutrition for nomads and inhabitants of the Sahara. Date palms are generally found in the South of Tunisia and represent one of its biggest assets. And thanks to the high quality of its dates, Tunisia became the first exporter of dates worldwide. Every year, the country exports nearby 30 thousand tons of dates.

In Tunisia, date harvesting is very important, so much that it is celebrated with a festival in the city of Kebili that was started over 30 years ago. The Festival of Dates is a key event in Southern Tunisia, and annually hosts thousands of visitors who come from all parts of the world.

Dates are known worldwide because of their various health benefits. In fact, this fruit is naturally full of fiber which is good for digestion. They are known to help improve some illnesses such as intestinal disorders, anemia, high cholesterol, and even some types of cancer.

La Megara offers pitted Deglet Noor dates. This specific variety has been chosen because of its elegance, its form and golden color, and also sweet scent.

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  • • Southern Tunisia has been known for its date palm trees for centuries. • La Megara dates grow in the famous oasis towns of Tozeur and Nefta. • The date tree palm grows over 50 feet and at the end of fall, we climb and hand-harvest Deglet Noor Dates.

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