Mediterranean Seafood 

At La Megara we provide you with the finest mediterranean seafood that can be found in the country. Here, you can choose your favorite canned seafood from Tunisia.

In order to have the best products, La Megara team works closely with leading canneries in Tunisia to have fresh sardines, tuna belly and mackerel. These products are then rigorously preserved in glass jars or metallic cans, depending on the product. 

Products :

  • Sardine

    Sardines are greatly appreciated worldwide, due to their high omega 3 and vitamin content. They are more sustainably fished than other common fish so this is why we are trying to provide a wider variety of flavors to the public.

  • Mackerel

    Mackerel is an oily fish, very popular for the nutritional qualities. Apart from the fact that this fish is affordable, which is not the case for all kind of fish; the mackerel has got many benefits. One of these benefits is its high content of Omega 3, and it is also excellent for the brain and the heart.

  • Tuna

    La Megara tuna belly is carefully hand-cut from the tuna fish that comes from the Mediterranean Sea, then preserved in an extra fine olive oil that keeps the tuna belly juicy.