Learning the skill of making handmade couscous, is a Tunisian tradition handed down from mother to daughter. It is a dish that can be customized for almost any palate. La Megara Tunisian Couscous is a highly nutritious and affordable product made from semolina. Our couscous can be preserved for a long time period. 

In Tunisia, it is primarily made with tomato sauce and served with almost every other local ingredient including lamb, fish, seafood, beef, and vegetables. The most popular Tunisian specialty is couscous with fish that is made with a hot and spicy sauce. 

Couscous in Tunisia is served for every occasion and in some regions. During Ramadan, a sweetened version is made which is made with dates, pomegranates, or dried fruits, better know as Masfouf. 

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  • A Unique Mediterranean Toasted Grain • Couscous has been popular in Europe, as well as in the Middle East for thousands of years. • It is a staple of most Mediterranean diets and can complement many dishes. More than just a dish, it’s a centerpiece of Tunisian family life. • Couscous can be used as a substitute for pasta or rice.

  • A Unique Mediterranean Toasted Grain •Whole Durum Wheat Couscous has a robust artisan color that varies from yellow to light brown. • The couscous is composed of small granules of semolina flour. • Couscous is widely used in North African cuisine and may serve as a replacement for pasta, rice or as a side dish.

  • A Unique Mediterranean Toasted Pasta • Israeli Couscous, also called Pearl Couscous, is very similar to the Classic Couscous but with a larger shape.• It can be used in hot or cold dishes and is generally cooked with onion and garlic, but can always be added to vegetables or meat. • Israeli couscous can also be used as a substitute for pasta and rice

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