Tunisian delicacies 

La Megara has a Tunis, Tunisia based staff dedicated to providing you with the tastiest delicacies the country has to offer. Tunisia was once the breadbasket of the ancient Roman Empire and the country's modern cuisine is rich with tastes from all over the Mediterranean region. Here you can try our olive oil, harissa, couscous, preserved vegetables, fruits, canned and fresh seafood all imported from Tunisia.

Products :

  • Olive Oil

    For thousands of years, olive oil has been important in all the civilizations that flourished in Tunisia. In ancient times, athletes used olive oil to knead their muscles, and women used it in order to have a soft and supple skin. Things didn’t really change, as it is still used today, and more than ever before. Tunisian olive oil became very famous thanks to its superior quality. In fact, olive trees are completely natural with no fertilizers added. Besides, farmers care to maintain traditional methods of cultivation and olive oil extraction. 

    Tunisian olive trees are of the oldest ones in the world. The traditional method of olive cultivation and olive oil production has been jealously kept, until today and made Tunisia one of the most important producers and exporters of olive oil right after Spain, Italy and Greece. Each year, a large quantity of olive oil is exported all over the world. Until today, olive cultivation is done manually and carefully by people who have a real passion for this field, to be sure to have the finest olive oil. 

  • Fruits & Vegetables

    The Tunisian agricultural sector has many advantages, but the most important of them is probably the adequate climate, allowing the country to have varied vegetation. In Tunisia, fruits and vegetables are 100% natural, without any additives.

    These fruits and vegetables are picked and harvested by hand, by farmers that have been working on this field since decades, and inherited traditional methods from their fathers and grandfathers.

  • Couscous

    Learning the skill of making handmade couscous, is a Tunisian tradition handed down from mother to daughter. It is a dish that can be customized for almost any palate. La Megara Tunisian Couscous is a highly nutritious and affordable product made from semolina. Our couscous can be preserved for a long time period. 

    In Tunisia, it is primarily made with tomato sauce and served with almost every other local ingredient including lamb, fish, seafood, beef, and vegetables. The most popular Tunisian specialty is couscous with fish that is made with a hot and spicy sauce. 

    Couscous in Tunisia is served for every occasion and in some regions. During Ramadan, a sweetened version is made which is made with dates, pomegranates, or dried fruits, better know as Masfouf. 

  • Preserved Vegetables

    La Megara preserved vegetables comprise a set of processes to comply strictly, in order to keep all their nutritional and taste properties. Preserved vegetables keep all their properties, even the color and the texture, as conservation includes all biotic and abiotic factors that might deteriorate the quality of vegetables. 

    All our ingredients are grown in Tunisia and come packed in a glass jar in order to preserve all their benefits and flavor. The combination of olive oil blended with sunflower oil preserves all the flavors of the vegetables.  

  • Harissa

    The History of Tunisian Harissa

    Harissa is considered the national condiment of Tunisia and is used in many traditional dishes.  In fact, Tunisia is the largest producer of pre-made Harissa in the world.  Due to the growing popularity of spicy condiments and spreads, many companies in different parts of the world have begun to produce their own version of “Harissa”, but most do not use the traditional ancient recipes that La Megara insists on. 

    Harissa dates back to the 17th century when red chili peppers were first introduced to Europe by Spanish and Portuguese Explorers.  These Explorers, would travel through-out Latin America and return to Europe with exotic fruits and vegetables.  These explorations introduced red chili to Europe, where it quickly spread to surrounding countries in Africa and Southeast Asia.

    This red chili spread can be used in many different ways and it adds a unique spiciness that enhances the flavor of any dish.  There are two different types of Harissa - Traditional and Berber.

    Traditional Harissa is a combination of fresh peppers and herbs where as, Berber Harissa is made with herbs and sun-dried peppers, which makes it darker in color and also intensifies the peppery flavor. Both versions can be used in different types of dishes ranging from meats, seafoods and vegetables.

    Unsurprisingly, Harissa has gained popularity over the years and La Megara is proud to offer a truly authentic condiment from Tunisia, along with recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation.  From our family to yours, we hope you enjoy the best of La Megara.  

    La Megara brand Harissa and La Megara brand Berber Harissa has been certified by the Food Label Quality Program of Tunisia a mark of quality and Tunisian authenticity. 

  • Mediterranean Seafood

    At La Megara we provide you with the finest mediterranean seafood that can be found in the country. Here, you can choose your favorite canned seafood from Tunisia.

    In order to have the best products, La Megara team works closely with leading canneries in Tunisia to have fresh sardines, tuna belly and mackerel. These products are then rigorously preserved in glass jars or metallic cans, depending on the product.