La Megara is a gourmet food distributor headquartered in Beverly Hills, California. Our company specializes in a variety of delicacies made from the finest quality ingredients imported from Tunisia.

La Megara is keen to give your taste buds a real treat and to transform tasting moment to a pleasant one. Through a panel of products, it meets the expectations of each one of you.

In ancient times, LA MEGARA was a garden district north of Carthage, home to the finest vegetable gardens of the Carthaginian Empire. The land was known for its rich, fertile soils, irrigation canals and an abundance of water. General Hannibal Barca and the Carthaginian nobility owned the gardens, which hosted great feasts. At LA MEGARA, we help you enjoy the fine delicacies of the Ancient Carthaginians. We bring you the rich flavors, elegant textures and delicious tastes from Tunisia, the modern state built on the former home of the Carthaginian capital. From selecting ingredients to mastering our recipes we are committed to your satisfaction.

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